the anointed cloth into the hamper
Anonymous said: Why are you always after straight dudes, are you straight??

Yes I am.  I just pretend to want Tom Daley’s ass.

Anonymous said: I'd learn to bottom you like pornstar anyday


There was one the hottest dudes I’ve seen — a TEN.  I kept eyeing him but pretty sure he was straight.  When the weird homeless looking man sitting next to me walked out to get a sleeping bag (others were side eyeing as well), I went for a bathroom break and to get some coffee.  Since said homeless looking man deserted me, I then sat two seats down from the hot boy (missy feat. eve, nas, someone else), so we could at least hold hands during the prayer.  I was hoping he’d stick around outside afterwards but bolted instead.  So that’s when I went to a strip club.

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I just woke up and am thinking “I SERIOUSLY went to a strip club last night!?!?!!?!”  At least I got the DJ to play “Body Party” but wow — what an experience.  That was the first time I ever had naked women rubbing on me for no reason. 

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Future feat. Pusha T, Pharrell & Casino — Move That Dope

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▼Explicit Pale▲


▼Explicit Pale▲

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I went to a female strip club for the first time in my life tonight.  As soon as I went to the ATM, a naked black woman, who looked kinda like Grace Jones,  was rubbing all over me.  I then made “friends” with another black girl, Asia, and she gave me a lap dance.  I warned her I wouldn’t get a boner bc I’m gay. “You are nooooot.”  Oh yes I am.  We sat and chatted about Future and Ciara and Rick Ross.  Every other song played was Lil Wayne.  I tried to get some Future on but all the DJ had was “Honest.”  No.  So then I requested “Body Party” and my good friend Asia danced to that.  I tipped a pile of ones into her thong and spanked her ass.  The bartender, a very pretty Latino girl, said “neither your nor I belong here.”

Caveat: Skrippas ask “buy me a drank?” constantly.

Anonymous said: What happened, why all the sudden this boringness came

I’m boring; everything else was an act.



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