the anointed cloth into the hamper
Anonymous said: Who are those ppl

From bttm to top: Damon Albarn, Geraldo Rivera, Dr. Jacoby; Michael Musto, RuPaul, Club Kid #3

Some person(?) implied that I look like Geraldo in his topless selfie, so I’ve been a bit fixated on him lately.

Sheryl Crow — Soak Up the Sun (Victor Calderone Sunsweep RMX)

This is partially why I’m so high today.

1991, TV Show

Episode Detail: I Got Mad Player Skills Because My Big Chest Gives All the Men Thrills

Topic: women who claim to be “players.”

Original airing 2/1/2001

"I’m top player hater from Korea."


player’s ball

player’s ball

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