the anointed cloth into the hamper
Anonymous said: I like ur tattoo

thanks but i don’t have one

Anonymous said: Are you a morning person now

I am fitter, happier & more productive in the morning than I ever have been before, yes.

Anonymous said: Why took nicki minaj's and other posts off

The ‘Anaconda’ soundcloud play buttons are turning into red Xs at an alarming rate; that’s why. ¬†Still, let’s hear it for the whole ‘Anaconda’ campaign — four stars.

Ashlee Simpson — Autobiography

Anonymous said: Have you taken that pic in your icon on the moon?

lol. ¬†Yeah I was up there in ‘59.

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Anonymous said: You have a dick and its the nicest dick in the world


Anonymous said: Can I feel your biceps?

dont have any

Anonymous said: How big is your dick? asking for a friend

dont have one

struck by the “problematic” movement

struck by the “problematic” movement

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